Ongoing archaeology in the Zacapu Basin, Michoacán, Mexico

Posted on 08. May, 2010 by Christopher Fisher in Michoacán, News, Zacapu, archaeology

Project Uacusecha is an on-going archaeological exploration of the Zacapu Basin malpaís.  Led by French archaeologist Grégory Pereira and team, Project Uacusecha aims to understand social organization, urbanism, and economic dynamics in the region prior to and during Purépecha State formation.  Project Uacusecha involves settlement pattern survey and excavation that builds on long-term research by the French team in the region.  The setting (malpaís) and archaeology is very similar to that encountered by the Legacies of Resilience Project (LORE-LPB) and we are excited by the results of their 2010 season.

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